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Coffee Drip


The Gathering Place

Serving Truly Great Brew

Our family-owned coffee shop is designed to serve the town of Eureka and to provide a relaxing place, where connections are made over coffee and conversation-- and friends become family.  We craft the most flavorful, full-bodied beverages for everyone to enjoy. Our locally roasted coffee is always fresh. We craft each cup with extra care, yielding stellar results in every pour.  We are happy to serve you, and look forward to you becoming a part of our growing community.

Ground Coffee
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Classes in Pour Over technique coming soon!

Pour-over is a vintage European technique that originated in the early 1900's. It is well-known among true coffee connoisseurs.

This specialty hand-brew takes a little extra time, but worth the wait.  The intricate, full-flavored finish, is present in every sip. 

Pair with sweet
or savory eats

we care.

Why Ethical Coffee Matters 

Coffee takes a really long journey before filling your cup.  Growing, picking, processing, shipping, roasting, packaging, grinding, and brewing. Our local roaster sources premium beans that are ethically harvested through a farmer's co-op. We help to raise the quality standard and honor the farmers who labor, without exploitation, to provide a rich harvest. When farmers and roaster collaborate, everyone wins. 

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Roasting Coffee

Purchase bags of our custom blend Cowboy Coffee

by Gary Henderson, our local fair-trade Roaster.


Come Visit Us & Stay Awhile; Kids welcome!

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